First president, Seishichi Ohno

First president, Seishichi Ohno

As part of Hokkaido Prefecture’s comprehensive development, Hokkaido Women’s Medical College was expanded in 1950 to become Sapporo Medical University. In April 1993, the School of Health Sciences was established with the reorganization of the Health Sciences Junior College (which opened in April 1983) attached to Sapporo Medical College.
In April 2007, the university made the transition to become an independent corporate entity known as Hokkaido Public University Corporation Sapporo Medical University.

Chronology of Hokkaido Women's Medical College

April 1945 Hokkaido Women’s Medical College was founded.

Chronology of Sapporo Medical College

April 1950 Sapporo Medical College opened.
June 1950 Opening ceremony held (June 25 designated as the college foundation day).
September 1955 Cancer Research Institute established as an affiliate research institution.
March 1956 Establishment of the Graduate School of Medicine approved (enrollment capacity is 25 students).
January 1958 Premedical course started.
September 1968 Marine Biomedical Institute established.
April 1979 Divided courses (premedical and special courses) abolished.
April 1983 Junior College of Health Sciences affiliated with Sapporo Medical College opened.

Chronology of Sapporo Medical University

April 1993 School of Health Sciences (Departments of Nursing, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy) established to accept 90 students.
April 1998 Graduate School of Health Sciences (Nursing, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy) established (enrollment capacity is 24 students).
April 1999 Information Center of Computer Communication established.
April 2000

Doctoral course for Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy established in the Graduate School of Health Sciences (enrollment capacity is 6 students).

April 2001

Graduate School of Medicine reorganized to incorporate Departments of Community Health & Comprehensive Medicine, Molecular & Organ Regulation and Signal Transduction Medicine.

April 2006 Collaboration Center for Community and Industry established.
April 2007 Transition to Hokkaido Public University Corporation Sapporo Medical University.
April 2008 Medical Science Course (Master’s Program) opened in the Graduate School of Medicine (enrollment capacity is 10 students)
October 2008 Center for Medical Education established
April 2011 Cancer Research Institute and other facilities reorganized into the Research Institute for Frontier Medicine in the School of Medicine
April 2012 Graduate Course in Midwifery established (enrollment capacity is 20 students)
April 2014 Admission Center established.
October 2014 Health Administration Center established.