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We are pleased to introduce our Department (Section 1) in this web site.The Department of Pathology, Sapporo Medical University School of Medicine was established in 1945.Since pathology is the fundamental part of the medical school and medical science, a lot of doctors, scientists, graduate and undergraduate students have been sharing in routine pathologic practice, research, education and social activities.The expertise and main field of our Department cover the basic and clinical pathology, immunology, oncology, cell biology and molecular biology.This broad interest constitutes fostering new ideas in research and fusing researchers of different background and fields of life science.
Our Department is all the time open for all the peoples who are willing to study the basic and human pathology, immunology and medical science.We welcome you to join research in which you want to see and study genuine nature of human diseases.


Sapporo Medical University was started in 1945 as Sapporo Medical College. Our Department of Pathology was established and started in the same year, and Dr.Kohtaro Shinpo and Dr.Tamenori Onoe were invited as professors from Hokkaido University School of Medicine. In 1964, Department of Pathology was divided into two sections. Namely, Dr.Shinpo chaired Section 1 and Dr.Onoe Section 2, respectively, of Department of Pathology.

Since then our Department (Section1) has been studying immunopathology, molecular oncology, molecular biology, tumor immunology in addition to viral and parasitic pathology chaired by Dr.Teruo Fujimoto, and Dr.Kokichi Kikuchi.

In particular Professor Kokichi Kikuchi had contributed so much to advance the great progress of the basic human tumor immunology during his term of professor, 1972-1998. Dr.Kikuchi also raised many excellent scientists and pathologists who are now promoting internationally the basis of various field of pathology and medicine.

Dr.Noriyuki Sato, since 1998, began to manage current Department of Pathology (Section 1) as Chairman and Professor. In each year, usually four to seven young graduate student, research fellows and visiting scientists have been joining in our laboratory from our country as well as foreign countries to study various scope and theme of scientific interests and their application to pathology and medicine.

noriyuki sato
Noriyuki Sato

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