Aiming to be a top-class medical university

President Message

Striving to Enhance Education, Research, and Medical Care and Contribute to Medical Services in Hokkaido

Founded in 1950, our school is a medical university with a history of more than 60 years. On April 1, 2007,Sapporo Medical University introduced a new management system and went from being a Hokkaido prefectural university known as Sapporo Medical College to becoming a Hokkaido public university corporation known as Sapporo Medical University. Presently, the university consists of the School of Medicine and School of Health Sciences, which are made up of four faculties (Medicine, Nursing, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy), and the Center for Medical Education. All strive to enhance education, research, and medical care and contribute to medical services in Hokkaido, while adhering to the following three principles: train medical professionals with a well-rounded character, improve medical services for the residents of Hokkaido, and promote advanced international research.
 One of the impressive characteristics of the university is the students’ high rate of success when taking the national examinations for medical practitioners, nurses, physical therapists, and occupational therapists. Over the past ten years, approximately 95% of the students from the Faculty of Medicine have passed this examination, a rate that is higher than the national average (approximately 90%). In addition, students from the Nursing, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy faculties pass the examination at a rate of nearly 100% every year.
 We also provide certified residential community- and team-based training programs, in which the students of both faculties collaborate with each other. 
 In our long history of medical research, pioneering studies continue to provide excellent results that reflect significant improvement in regenerational medicine for cerebral infarction and the development of cancer vaccines in Japan.
 As a Hokkaido prefectural university, we also regard it as our mission to contribute to medical services throughout Hokkaido by fostering doctors and medical professionals whose sacred mission is to serve the residents of every community in Hokkaido.
 We are steadfastly determined to create a more vital university, one infused with an enterprising spirit and buoyed by a free and lively atmosphere. This is possible due to our faculties continuously striving to produce excellent results in education, research and medical care, thereby securing the trust of the citizens of Hokkaido.

President and Chairperson

Sapporo Medical University

Kazuaki Shimamoto, M.D, Ph.D.