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 The Biomedical Society for Stress Response was established in December 2005 to develop boundary area studies between clinical medicine and stress responses, and, furthermore, to contribute to clinical applications and development of new medications via academic exchanges between researchers conducting basic studies and those doing clinical studies in the fields of stress responses of cells and living bodies along with their control at the molecular level.
(See below to learn about the creation of the society.)
 The members consist of a diverse gathering of experts, including researchers conducting basic medical studies and clinicians from universities, institutions and companies.


 In 1996, The Biomedical Committee of Stress Protein was founded under the leadership of Dr. Yura Takashi, an emeritus professor of Kyoto University, with the aim of better understanding the various molecular mechanisms of stress responses in organisms, especially the role of molecular chaperones and stress proteins as well as clinical applications. The first committee meeting was held at the Tokyo Women’s Medical University (President: Dr. Demura Hiromi; Manager: Dr. Nomura Shigeru). Dr. Yahara Ichiro (Metropolitan Clinical Laboratories) and Dr. Nagata Kazuhiro (Kyoto University) became the representatives later. Once a year, we have had quite beneficial and conscientious presentations and discussions to consider the medical applications of fundamental research. Many of our members play leading roles internationally. Thus, we believe that the evolution and enhancement of this committee will be a crucial key for development of this field in our country.
 In 2005, in Kumamoto, when we had the 10th meeting of the Biomedical Committee of Stress Protein (President: Dr. Mizushima Toru), the attendees at the meeting resolved to establish a representative assembly to expand and strengthen the committee to create a new academic society. After the committee meeting was closed, a new Council Committee was created with warm support from many people. Hereafter, we strongly hope that, through our society, a diverse gathering of experts −researchers conducting basic and clinical studies in the field of stress responses− will meet for more academic exchanges, using their combined expertise to take major initiatives contributing to the field of life sciences, clinical applications and the production of new medicaments in our country.

December 1, 2005

All concerned representatives of BSSR

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