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We hosts annual meetings. The below are the places and presidents of the previous committees.

Date Place President
1 1, November.22 - 23, 2006 Kyoto Nagata Kazuhiro (Kyoto University)
2 2, November.30-December.1, 2007 Fukuoka Himeno Kunihiro (Kyushu University)
3 3, November.14-15, 2008 Akita Ito Hideaki (Akita University)
4 4, October.6-9, 2009 Hokkaido Sato Noriyuki (Sapporo Medical University)
5 5, November.19−20, 2010 Tokushima Rokutan Kazutoshi (Tokushima University)
6 6, November.4−5, 2011 Nagoya Otsuka Kenzo (Chubu University)

We issue BSSR News Letters once or twice a year.


Through our Home Page and News Letters, we inform the members about our Society's news regarding of stress response, meetings, biomedical exams and production of new medication.

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